Our creative process begins with listening to our wonderful clients and then to imagine how our approach to design and decoration can enhance their daily life. Playing with different volumes and lighting, in order to trigger emotions, Kenza Serhane identifies herself as a ‘creator of atmosphere’; she is determined to create, with the help of her team, interiors that are glamorous, beautifully dynamic, timelessly elegant, contemporary and above all an invitation for cocooning.

In order to see our clients’ dream design project through to reality, at Studio KS, we will call on our extensive creativity and inventive approach to satisfy their every wish.

Interior Styling

During our initial visit, we make a first assessment of the existing decoration. Then, we propose ways to embellish it, by optimising volumes, redefining lighting, matching different styles and colours, as well as offering a list of preselected materials, textures, equipment, lighting and furniture.

  • Initial visit with recommendations:
  • Full service – usually over 2 days – including initial visit, recommendations, shopping list and final installation:

Interior Design

Our interior design services allow our clients to personalise their living space according to the architectural structure of their house as well as their own style.

Our services include:

  • Listening to the needs,
  • Evaluating the design potential of the place,
  • Defining the task,
  • Giving ideas of installation.

The second stage includes a detailed study:

  • Mood boards,
  • 2D plans of implementation,
  • 3D visuals of future arrangements.

Our mood boards are a physical display of all the ideas for wall covering, materials, colours, fabrics, furniture (from small to big items), lighting, made to measure decoration items (furniture, curtains, rugs, etc.).

Finally, the third stage is carrying out the project through to completion:

  • Choice and management of the different craftsmen and service providers,
  • Site meetings and reports,
  • Project managing, timing and quality control,
  • Complete installation of furniture and other objects.

Global Design

Kenza Serhane believes that with her team, they are able to create a bespoke design for each interior.

The services offered allow a complete process from the first creative idea through to the final installation, with the appropriate interior design items.

Our services are a combination of detailed steps.

The initial stage includes:

  • Listening to the needs of clients,
  • Evaluating the design potential of the place and understanding the styles and materials to use for the project,
  • Defining the full extent of the task (interior design and decoration),
  • Analysing the technical aspects of the project in order to integrate all installations,
  • Carrying out a global interior design project including mood boards for the decoration,
  • Costing of the project.

The second stage includes:

  • Installation proposal,
  • Different 2D plans,
  • 3D views with items from the decoration mood board,
  • List of selected materials, electrical appliances, lighting, etc,
  • Development of work per trade (electricity, plumbing, plastering of ceiling and various covering layout),
  • Technical drawings for the made to measure items (wood work, furniture, rugs, curtains, etc.),
  • Obtaining quotes from different professionals and craftsmen.

Finally, the follow up and coordination stage includes:

  • Choice and management of the different service providers,
  • Site meetings and reports,
  • Project managing, timing and quality control.
  • Complete installation of the proposed design including wall covering and hanging items, furniture, lighting, curtains and all the decorative items.