About Kenza

Because I like to think each interior should tell a well-lived story, I imagine each of our projects as poetic spaces reconciling daily life and the art of living. For me, a living space has to be romantic, full of emotion, and is a testament to the passing of time.

Today, our clients, mostly private, are sensitive to our desire to create a décor that is not only inspired but also inspirational, with carefully crafted details that allow styles, materials, colours and textures to finely interact.

Kenza Serhane

Photo of Kenza Serhane

The creation and management of the concept store “Art & Manière”, specialising in table art and decoration items, has fuelled her passion for the world of decoration for the past 10 years. This passion led her to Paris, a town in which she thinks the most beautiful things can be found, to study interior design at the Ateliers Grégoire.

Her experience there, followed by her time at the Studio MHNA, has been a major influence in her approach to interior design. Marc Hertrich & Nicolas Adnet have definitely left their mark with their common desire to embellish people’s daily lives; “imagining a décor in the same way that we write a scenario, with good humour and enthusiasm”.

She works on public and private projects alike, through which she expresses herself and has defined her own signature style.

For months she developed her taste for design and deepened her knowledge learning from the big names in industry as well as large Parisian Houses of Design. She became a ‘master’ in precision and thorough research, for a finishing, a material, or an atmosphere. With this experience, she learned how to tell stories, creating places with a soul.

When she came back in 2016, she set up her agency, Studio KS, with uncompromising freedom and imperative to create a unique story in line with the clients’ needs and desires, at the heart of her process.

She has since continued to add a few strings to her bow and through the design, the scenery and the styling, she asserts a multidisciplinary approach. As a collector herself, fan of contemporary art and a passionate travel enthusiast, she likes to call herself “sometimes hyperactive, demanding, fanciluf at times, bold and elegant always”.

Photo of Kenza Serhane

Her style

A warm and contemporary glamour, with timeless chic. She injects elegance without frills to all that she creates.

Passionate about places high on emotions, she demonstrates a taste for a certain savoir-faire, a tireless creativity and a decidedly optimistic temperament.

Her ethos

The making of wonder: making amazing places for demanding clients!

Creating beautiful and welcoming interiors, everywhere and always!

Emphasising on unique mixes and associations that ooze personality!

Developing timeless spaces where styles, eras and influences interact!

Her methodology

She applies an unusual rationale to everything she undertakes; she values the magic, the poetry, the effects, the cultural blending and the careful detailing. Enthusiastic about flamboyant sophistication, she likes to craft fascinating scenes.

The designs she creates distinguish themselves with their sophistication and the space they give to contemporary art, and they are loaded with a mix of softness, pure refinement and a desire for timelessness.

Her inspiration

From Paris to Milan, via New York, Miami, London, and Dubai, she never misses any shows, nor Design or Art Week! Today her collaborations are many and far reaching: from Interior Design, Interior Styling to the Design storytelling.

Being on social media for several years now and seeking for beauty and design during her trips, she loves to share through her Instagram – counting 145K followers – her finds and crushes found in whether a lobby hotel or a design event. As a tastemaker and curious soul in love with the world, Kenza is indeed invited to attend many design & art events such as Paris Design Week, Art Dubai and Design Miami.

As a bit of a poet and a lover of exceptional items that she curates, she chooses to carefully position these objects of different styles to reveal the soul of the place; with the attention to detail that is characteristic of her work.