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For me, interior styling is the final stage and the most exciting one in the design process. It allows us to harmonise furniture, materials and fabrics, art works and previously selected accessories together.

In this section, I will gladly share some of my styling highlights. I always make sure that I document all my work in order to share it, giving my advice and ideas.

I hope that you will enjoy them with as much pleasure as I had passion in putting them together. ☺️

Episode 1 : How to style a console?

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  • Wallpaper @elitisfrance
  • Red console spotted @pucesdeparissaintouen
  • Artwork by my dear friend @tarik_charrat
  • Sandglass & deco spheres @flamantfriends
  • Candlestick @official_rosenthal
  • Greeneries from my garden ☺️

Episode 2 : How to style an outdoor tablescape?

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Here are some of the decorative items that I used…

  • Golden cactus @kare_design
  • Golden pineapple @polspotten
  • Purple vases @flamantfriends
  • Transparent vases @lsainternational
  • Candlestick @official_rosenthal
  • Salt & pepper set @la_chaise_longue

Episode 3 : How to style a console?

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  • Black lacquered vintage console spotted at Paul Bert Serpette antique market @paulbertserpette
  • Vases @official_rosenthal
  • Coffee table books @librairiegalignani

Episode 4 : How to style a coffee table?

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  • Vase Take-it Pop-it @egizia_official
  • Candles @official_rosenthal
  • Coasters & Mykonos canister @jonathanadler
  • Coffee table books @librariegalignani

Episode 5 : How to style a bench?

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  • Custom bench with @andrewmartin_int ‘s fabric @andrewmartin_int
  • Pink pillow @emanuelungaroparis
  • Loft Floor lamp @jieldeofficiel
  • Coffee table books @librairiegalignani
  • Hat @maisonmichel

Episode 6 : How to create a floral mantelscape ?

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Episode 7 : How to style a valentines tablescape ?

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